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Top 5 Supplements for Getting a Fit Body

Fit and smart body is a dream of everyone. Well, it is difficult to achieve a fit body. Some people spend many hours in a gym to stay healthier. On the other hand, some are conscious about maintaining a proper, balanced diet. However, fitness is a balance between physical and mental health. In fitness realm you need to maintain your diet and do regular exercises. However, workout may give you a strong physical appearance but for mental condition you need [...]

whey protein - importance and benefit in bodybuilding whey protein - importance and benefit in bodybuilding - Bravo Nutrition

Whey Protein – Importance in Bodybuilding

Whenever we say a word whey protein, our brain starts thinking of rich ingredients that most of the people use for body building. This is not the only case where we can use protein, we use it daily unknowingly. If you have opened a box of yogurt, you will find clear water like liquid at the surface; yes it’s the whey protein. This is also one of kind of protein present in the cow’s milk. When someone decides to [...]