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L-Carnitine is ubiquitously occurring non essential amino acid. It is found in almost all cells of your body. It can be driven from amino acid lysine and methioine. It helps to generate tremendous amount of cellular energy. It involves in translocation of long chain of fatty acid in to your cell mitochondria. Where, it can be beta-oxidized (burned) to produce energy. It is also refered as fat metaboliser. It removes the accumulated toxic fatty acyl-CoA metabolites that are generated due to fat metabolism. Plus, it also acts as an antioxidant to decrease the metabolic stress and improve endurance.

The main cause of Carnitine deficiency is the inadequate intake of foods like meat. Mostly, vegetarian people face carnitine deficiency. However carnitine depletion may also occur due to some surgery or genetic disorder. Low plasma level of carnitine may affect fat metabolism and decrease the energy production. As a result, the deficiency increases the oxidative stress.Therefore, it is necessary to maintain plasma level of L-carnitine either by diet or supplements to reduce the onset of action occurred due to low level of Carnitine.

Generally your body make sufficient amount of Carnitine to fulfill your daily requirements. But if you are facing Cranitine deficiency, you can fulfill your need through diet.  The major dietary source of L-Carnitine is meat, fish, poultry and milk. Whereas, nuts and green Vegetables for instance asparagus also supply small amount of it.

However, supplements are the best way to get L-Carnitine to give your body the amount it requires. It is the best choice for you as it can help you produce enough amount energy. Moreover, it is also good for your brain functioning. Plus, it also improves muscular performance and increases the fat metabolism. Untimely, it lowers the risk of oxidative stress.

It is often used for weight loss supplement. For bodybuilder L Carnitine is considering as the best supplements because it elevates the fat metabolism for producing energy that is utilized to improve the workout performance.
The most important benefit of L-Carnitine supplements is that it enhances faster muscle recovery process and decreases the pain from intensive workout by lowering down the lactic acid production.

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