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POSTED ON May 27, 2017 By Bravo Nutrition
Magical Fat Burning Supplements To Kick Out Your Extra Fat - Bravo Nutrition
27 May

When you look at the mirror, while trying to fit in your new dress you notice something odd and that is that you aren’t able to fit in your new dress. The only thing that comes to your mind is, “How much weight have I recently put on?”

Don’t be up sad. It is a wake-up call or an eye-opener for you. Don’t waste your time, and start working on shedding the extra pound ASAP.

Loosing extra fat is the dream of every individual. The dream comes true only through complete will power, dedication and physical activity. However, supplements are the ideal addition to your diet that can speed up the process of shedding the extra pounds. A best quality fat burning supplement gives you faster results, according to your requirement.

For outstanding result of fat burning supplement, you should be physically active and you should be taking a good dose of healthy diet. Moreover, if you want to start a weight loss supplement diet, it is also important for you to completely curb the junk food. Eat only healthy food and do regular exercise.

Online supplementary store is a highly competitive market, having a wide range of products. But, unfortunately everybody claims to offer 100% original ingredients used in products. But, only a few deliver on their promise.


Many supplementary companies manufacture fat burner supplements with their own blend of unique and specific ingredients. However, some store sell brands that add large amount of stimulants that trigger the fat burning process. The stimulants also work as an emotional eater. It shows some draw back like feeling stress full and fatigue sooner.

Supplements having without of any stimulants are referred as non stimulants fat burner supplements. They don’t contain caffeine like compounds that act on central nervous system. They reduce fat of the body without any side effects.

So, we need to learn more about the stimulant or non-stimulant fat burner and which types of ingredients used in weight loss supplements and their effect on metabolic rate.


Although fat burning supplements are what you need to curb the extra fat, it is difficult to select which fat burner would work more efficiently: thermogenic (stimulant) or non-thermogenic (non-stimulant).

Stimulant based fat burner supplements give additional kick to your training session along with weight loss. It gives you strength to focus on your aim. Plus, it helps you reach your goals more rapidly.


Before purchasing any fat burning supplements you should have complete information regarding the key ingredients and their mechanism. It will help you to pick supplements as per your requirement and also gives you awareness.

Here are some best fat burning supplements ingredients,


It is synthesized by amino acid methionine and lysine. It increases the oxidation of fatty acid and produce energy. It is super best compound for burning fat without any breakout of muscles mass. Recommended intake is 1 gm per day. Best time to take ALCAR is about 30 to 60 min before exercise


As we discuses above caffeine is well known fat burning stack. Coffee Beans, coca, tea leaves and other foods and plants are the major source of caffeine. It boosts the metabolic rate as result of that more and more fat burn and generates too much calories. These calories give your vigor to you exercise do something out of the box. It is recommended to take 1 to 3mg per kg of body weight at single time. Perfect time to taking caffeine is 30 min before exercise with empty stomach.


Yohimbine is a stimulant based fat burning supplement compound. It is extracted from plant. Ideal dosage yohimbine is 1 to 3 kg according to your body weight preferable period is 30 to 40 min before exercise with empty stomach is best for weight loss.


Synephrine is also stimulant based fat burning compound. It is look like a neurotransmitters   epinephrine and norepinephrine. It increases the lipolysis of adipocytes.  1 to 3mg per kg of body weight is suggested before your training session.


Capsacinoids are the active compounds present in peppers. According to many researches conducting on it suggested that Capsaicin increases the metabolic rate and helpful in burning fat. 2 to 3mg dosages at 3 times are referring to taking along with meal.


Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and limes are the main source of hesperidin. It has antioxidative properties. Thus, it reduces the adipose tissue level and the increase the lipolysis processes. It suggested taking 500mg per day along with meal.


Naringin is also found in citrus fruits (especially grapefruit). It has antioxidative and metabolic effects. It increases the metabolism of fat cell. Doctor advice it should be taking 500 to 1000 mg orally with meal to get its all advantages.


Forskolin is organic compound found in plants. It increases the metabolism of fat in the cell. Approximately 250 mg of forskolin before your workout is essential to reduce the excessive fat.


Green tea extract has key ingredient used in most of fat burning supplements due to its ability to elevate   caloric expenditure. About 150-250mg of EGCG per day is recommended before your calisthenics.


It is cofactor and help to enzymes to finished its work. It is mainly incorporate in many fat lose supplements because it trigger cellular metabolism and reduce the onset of obesity. It 20mg and 60mg dosage per day is useful and safe.


Now a day Raspberry Ketone’s apparent add in many weight loss supplements. It is organic compound found in raspberries, blackberries and cranberries. Studies show that Raspberry Ketone’s has active compound to reducing fatty tissue in the body. 200-400mg per day is suggested dosage.

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