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Pro 40 Shaker Bottle 500ml

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  • 500ml of Pro 40 Shaker Bottle.
  • Available in Bottle with Amazing Quality.
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The Pro 40 Shaker Bottle in Pakistan is one of the most advanced protein shakers available. It features a very unique built in reservoir to store your protein powder. This allows you to use the bottle as a standard water bottle for when you are working out. As soon as you finish, you simple twist the head and it will drop the protein into your liquid! When you have ripped your muscles, its important to fuel your body with protein as soon as possible, and this bottle allows you to do this.

1. Simply remove the reservoir from the bottle head
2. Place your powder into the container, and fit back onto the head.
3. Fill the rest of your bottle with liquid.
4. Use your bottle like a normal water bottle, then as soon as you require protein, simply twist the head. This will release the powder into the liquid.
5. The shaker has a built in revolutionary mixing head for an optimal blending effect. Causing no lumps of protein at all.
6. Consume, and the bottle can then be easily cleaned.
This Shaker Pro 40 Protein Shaker is truly remarkable, and is built with very strong materials giving you a bottle which will last an extremely long time. It will provide you with the most easiest solution to getting fast protein into your body after a hard workout.


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