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VitaXtrong ISO PRO

  • 27 Grams of True Protein.
  • Only 1 Gram of Total Carbs.
  • Fast acting Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate.
  • Low Lactose, Less then 1 Percent.
  • 100% Authentic Guaranteed – Imported From USA.
  • Free Cash on Delivery all over Pakistan.



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ISO Pro is considered as the best supplement ever because of its rich ingredients. It contains 27 grams of pure, partially predigested fast hydrolyzed whey protein. You won’t find any excessive ingredients in it for instance lactose, gluten, aspartame, trans fats, cheap amino fillers, or corn syrup solids. But, it has only 1 gram of total carbohydrates, which ultimately makes it the purest and healthiest whey protein formula ever.


It delivers 27 gms of protein in per scope. It is the purest form of protein containing rapid hydrolyzed whey protein without any amino acid fillers. Zero sugar, fat, cholesterol and low calories make it finest and purest whey protein supplement. Its lighter weight molecules make it easy to digest and absorb. Daily use of 100% ISO pro does not produce any side effect for instance bloating and acne. Plus, the zero lactose makes it perfect for lactose intolerant people. Best of all, the VitaXtrong ISO PRO in Pakistan is available in 6 different flavors.

Highly Protein Rich

Yes, it is the most untainted form protein ever. It supplies unadulterated protein, i.e., without any unnecessary compounds. Each scope gives you more and more protein and thus builds more muscle mass than other whey proteins. Plus, it also cuts down other unwanted compounds for instance fat, carbohydrate and lactose.

No Lactose and Gluten

If you have any difficulty to digest lactose and gluten, then the good news for you is that 100% ISO pro doesn’t contain any lactose and gluten. Lactose is found in too many supplements. But, 100% ISO pro has cautiously extracted the lactose from whey protein and made it easy to digest for lactose intolerant people.

No Cheap Amino Acid

Vitaxtrong ISO Pro in Pakistan delivers 100 % pure form of a protein supplement. It provides you with exactly 27gms protein per scope without any variation in figure. Moreover, it does not contain any amino acid fillers that are found in other supplements.

Mix & Drink

Unwanted compounds like carbohydrate, fat and sugar make it difficult for the supplement to mix and dissolve. 100% ISO pro is free from these unwanted compounds, which is why it is so easy to mix. Put desire amount of 100% ISO pro in bottle or Bravo Nutrition shaker jar and add water to mix it. Smooth drink is ready without any clumps.

No More Sweeteners and Colors

100% ISO pro is free from aspartame and artificial colors. It contains natural sweetness. It is available in 6 exciting flavors. You will surely like all the flavors.


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