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Top 5 Supplements for Getting a Fit Body

POSTED ON Nov 10, 2017 By Bravo Nutrition
Top 5 Supplements for getting a fit body - Bravo Nutrition
10 Nov

Fit and smart body is a dream of everyone. Well, it is difficult to achieve a fit body. Some people spend many hours in a gym to stay healthier. On the other hand, some are conscious about maintaining a proper, balanced diet.

However, fitness is a balance between physical and mental health. In fitness realm you need to maintain your diet and do regular exercises. However, workout may give you a strong physical appearance but for mental condition you need to eat well and live without of any stress.

Yet, it is difficult to maintain a regular gym routine and continue to eat right foods.  In that case, you need to maintain your fitness by taking the right supplements. Supplements give strength to work hard in gym and it also reduces nutrients deficiency.

Here, we discuss top five supplements that can help you embrace a fit and healthy body.


Protein is considered as a vital nutrient for each and every human. It performs or regulates different body functions. For instance, it heals up damaged tissues, balances ph and maintains electrolytes balance etc.

Are you doing exercises to maintain your fitness? You need more protein than you would normally.  It doesn’t matter which types of workout you are performing, you also need a lot of protein to see a significant result of those workouts.

Your body needs protein to heal up the damage muscles and build up more muscles mass.

To consume a lot of protein, a dietary source is not going to be enough for your daily needs. Add protein supplements to accomplish your daily requirement. Whey, Soy and casein forms of proteins supplements are available in market. Whereas, whey protein supplement is used more frequently than rest of protein supplements. Peter Horvath, PhD, in the associate professor department of exercise & Nutrition sciences at the State University of New York at Buffalo says, “it is considered as complete protein” thus, whey protein is ideal supplements for maintaining body shape and fitness.


Nowadays, gym goers, sports man, athletes and diet gurus use MCTs supplements. MCTs are also referred as MCFAs (Medium Chain Fatty Acid). It has uncountable advantages. According to Dr. Laurie Cullen at the Women’s Institute, after digestion MCTs supply immediate reduces the fat deposition in tissues.

In fact, MCT also increases the thermogenic process, which triggers a function that reduces the body fat thereby helping you maintain a fit and healthy life style.


For maintaining proper health and achieving greater fitness, you must need to maintain a balance between diet and exercise. For endurance workout, you need proper energy source that comes from diet.

If your diet lacks essential nutrients, you are unable to maintain your fitness. Creatine supplement is considered as a crucial source of fuel for athletes. Many studies show that within next 10 years, creatine will be considered as a major source of energy to boost the performance and build lean body mass.  Dr. Mark Kantor, an associate professor of nutrition and food science at the University of Maryland  says that according to experimental records creatine enhances the endurance by supplying immediate source of energy.


Do you want to gain mass? Or, wish to trim extra fat? Branch chain amino acid is the incredibly best supplement choice.

Basically, BCCAs are mostly used to retain body figure. It works as an immediate source of fuel as well as it increases the rate of protein synthesis. According to Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition “individuals were able to maintain lean body mass when supplementing with BCAAs during a calorie-restricted diet.”

In fact, it minimizes the adverse effect of restricted diet plans. It pushes you to gain your desire fitness goal. It slows down the feeling of fatigue and enhances your performance significantly. Thus, it is highly recommended to take this supplement before workout.


Everyone is well aware of the importance of Multi-vitamin in our daily life. Slight deficiency of micro nutrients may damage your fitness and healthy life style goal. Experts say that the basic role of multi vitamins supplements is to meet the nutrient needs that are missing in your healthy diet plans. American Dietetic Association and director of sport nutrition Roberta Anding Say “Multi-vitamins is ticket to go healthy life style.”

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