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Whey Protein – Importance in Bodybuilding

POSTED ON May 14, 2016 By Bravo Nutrition
whey protein - importance and benefit in bodybuilding whey protein - importance and benefit in bodybuilding - Bravo Nutrition
14 May

Whenever we say a word whey protein, our brain starts thinking of rich ingredients that most of the people use for body building. This is not the only case where we can use protein, we use it daily unknowingly. If you have opened a box of yogurt, you will find clear water like liquid at the surface; yes it’s the whey protein. This is also one of kind of protein present in the cow’s milk. When someone decides to go for muscle building, it needs them the most as it helps a lot in body building. Here are few advantages listed that will reveal its importance for your body:

Types of Whey Protein

Whey Protein Isolate

This is the most pure form of whey protein and contains the highest range of protein that is 90%-95%. You can enjoy its benefits as it has low fat.

Whey Protein Concentrate

This is the most common type available in powder supplements. The range of this protein is among 25-89%.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

Hydrolyzed is the processed form of whey protein which is commonly used in sports and nutrition products. With its process it can make your body strong to fight against allergies.


Weight Loss

If you decide to take whey protein as a bodybuilding supplement, it will help you in weight loss. As it is the byproduct of milk, it contains less cholesterol and helps you in losing weight

Improves Immunity

It improves and enhances immune system by working effectively as antioxidant. With the help of whey protein, your body becomes strong resulting in low ratio of disease.

Fat Burner

Whey protein not only works as immunity provider, but it also helps in burning fat. If you make a habit of having protein shakes, you can lose weight by burning extra fat.

Enhance Digestion

Whey protein helps a lot in increasing digestion rate as it works as antioxidant and contains amino acids.

Increase Blood Flow

It increases blood flow in muscles making your workout result oriented. This increase in blood flow helps your body to absorb nutrients quickly.


However not all things look good here, whey protein gives its advantages only when you follow the complete diet plan. Here are few disadvantages listed for not following the instructions:

  • If you are using whey protein that contains sugar, it can gain weight.
  • Use of protein improves your digestion and increases your appetite resulting in large meal quantities.
  • Excessive consumption of whey protein may cause kidney stones. If you are already a patient of kidney problem, you are advised to avoid its use.
  • As mentioned above whey protein contains amino acids, if your body is unable to effectively process them, you can develop live problems.

Every single supplement is useful only when it is used within the specified and required range. Excessive use of anything causes problems. Make sure if you are planning for body building, you are working under the guidance of fitness trainer. By following the instructions and advice you can get desired results.

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