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Important tips to keep in mind to choose authentic supplementary product - Bravo Nutrition Pakistan

Important Tips to Keep in Mind to Choose Authentic Optimum Nutrition Supplementary Product

Good health is important to all of us. Therefore, when it comes to buying supplements, it is essential that we make sure the product is 100% genuine.
Bravo Nutrition proudly claims to be the best, genuine supplementary product supplier in Pakistan. To maintain the transparency and to help you protect yourself from unsafe product, we built this short guide on how you can identify an authentic product.
Embossed Logo on the Cap
Embossed Logo In The Cap - Bravo Nutrition Pakistan
When you are buying the Optimum Nutrition, aka ON, tub notice the embossed logo on the top of the cap. You will also notice the website address of the product right under the embossed logo.
The Neck Band
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard also has a gold hologram seal that you can see on the neck band. You can see the same neck bank but in silver hologram for the ON Platinum tub. Make sure that the ON seal is shiny and glossy, and also the seal shouldn’t be broken or tempered.
Batch Code & Expiry Data
Check Batch Code and Expiry Data - Bravo Nutrition Pakistan
Usually you may see the batch code or expiry date of a product either on the cap or around the side packing of the product. However, the ON Gold standard expiry date along with the batch code can be found on the bottom of the tub. Make sure that the expiry date is not tempered or erased. If that is so, have it changed.
Vacuum Barriers
Vacuum Barriers - Bravo Nutrition Pakistan
You can find a vacuum barrier under the ON protein’s tub’s cap. The Vacuum barrier allows the powder to stay in place and not scattered during shipping.
Now, you are ready to go and buy authentic Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard.

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