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4 Top Supplements That Can Amplify Your Athletic Performance

POSTED ON Jan 11, 2018 By Bravo Nutrition
11 Jan

You are a sporty person! Want to build your body just like a professional athlete? Achieving this goal means spending many hours on gym, running 60 to 70 miles per week or swimming 100 to 120 laps per day, and more.

Been there, done that. Yet, experience no considerable change at all? You may be feeling depressed, which is normal. The thing is such intensive works are not enough to produce any positive result without any dietary supplements.

Luckily, we have Internet to resolve our difficulties. However, you can find plethora of supplementary products on Google with a lot of sale packages which would make you confused to select the ideal supplement for boosting your performance.

Glossy websites trap you very trickily. But don’t you worry, there are some proper guidelines that can help you pick the right supplement.


After a rigorous training your body goes into a catabolic condition. Tough workouts mean a great deal of stress on your body, which ultimately needs more protein to heal the muscles and start the anabolic process. According to experts, you should consume protein immediately after a few hours of post workout exercise. According to Miyaki, a San Francisco-based nutrition coach, “intake adequate amount of protein for prevention of muscles tissue break down.” Protein is required for recovery and development of your muscle mass. Another research conducted at Baylor University in Waco, Texas “those who consume protein before and after an hour of exercise greater increase muscles strength.”


You set daily exercise goals, right? How much you would sprint, jump, or do heavy lifts, olympic lifts and plyometic exercises etc per day. But before you achieve your workout target, you feel fatigue, weariness or lethargy. Why this happens again and again, you wonder. Don’t worry this happens with everyone because to carry on intense workout, you need more energy as a result of it concentration of hydrogen ion increase in body.

Here, Beta-alanine comes into play. Beta alanine increases the intramuscular carnosine concentration. Consequently, you recover energy fast and feel active and energetic.

According to Dr. Roger Harris, beta-alanine boosts the buffering capacity and increase the carnosine level to up to 64% after just a month use. Other studies showed that beta- alanine increases the working ability almost 20 to 25% and reduces the fatigueless by maintaining the ph level of muscles and vastly enhance endurance.


Creatine supplements are one of the top performance enhancing supplements. Creatine is a bio natural product found in our body in the form of Creatine phosphate. It involves in biosynthesis of energy (ATP). During intensive workout, your body needs energy to regulate its functions. Here, Creatine supplements can provide enough amount of energy as your body demands during workout. It also gives power and strength for muscles.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the benefits of Creatine supplements after post workout which conclude that Creatine work as ergogenic aid and help build muscles mass and support muscular endurance and protect the body from post work out stress.

So, if you are a runner, jumper, builder, boxer or cycler, every day becomes a new day for you. You break your previous records every day.

National institutes of science also conducted a number of researches on Creatine and found that it replenishes your energy and increases the workout capacity. According to its result “creatine supplementation during training has been reported to promote significantly greater gains in strength, fat free mass, and performance primarily of high intensity exercise tasks.”


Enhance your performance through caffeine supplements. Caffeine is a well known performance rising supplement for sporty men. It reduces perception of tiredness, lethargy, laziness, and inertia conditions. Caffeine works as stimulants. It helps enhance mental alertness, stamina, strength, maintain temper, pain tolerance ability, mobilize fat, physical endurance and energies you for longer period of time.

In 2009, Robert Motl, a kinesiology and community health professor at University of Illinois reportedly highlighted the advantages of caffeine for athletes and according to him, “consumption can reduce the pain of high-intensity exercise. It is thought that this is due to its effect on receptors in the body, which normally alert the brain to muscle strain.”

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